I got married on June 16 at the ripe old age of 39 unlike most of my friends who got tied to matrimony in their early twenties, when they were probably still discovering the world, the stars above their heads and the notion that marriages are made in heaven. Most have known just one man all their lives and married the same man, their reputation and virginity intact! I, on the contrary, dabbled in relationships without the boundaries. To society, to family, to friends, I am now defined by law.

My wedding reception on June 17 was one hell of a party. I sang and sang and drank and drank. LoLo says he was proud to see me on the stage but the singing was questionable! My friends say it was a first for them to see a bride enjoying her own wedding so much. In our society, brides are supposed to be demure and coy and not let any of their maidenly qualities slip on occasions such as these. I was, I guess, every bride’s nightmare but I like to think of that evening as one when I celebrated in totality my stepping into a zone few spinsters fear to tread.

Honeymoon in northern Thailand was a perfect holiday for LoLo and me. It was our “us time”. Except for the bad tan, I want to savour Thailand again for the amazing food, massages and anything you can have just for the asking. Swadikha…


Laurie B said...

Some great words and memories, and I was lucky enough to be there too, and experience it all with my darling wife, An indian Wedding a fun filled great party night, followed by a tremendous 2 week honeymoon in beautiful thailand, and i loved the tan

Shanti Thokchom said...

so u r still alive? thought you disappeared nowhere....leidi lei boire....good to know it all went good!! m most happy for you!! many more to come just for you....!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dadda,

Congratulations :o) I know I have been out of Melbourne for 2 yrs now but Sara did not tell me that you were dating anyone let alone married again!
Welcome to the family Indira hope the children are treating their new step-mum well and looking forward to meeting you next time I am down there.

Love Dors xo

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