What does one do when one encounters a mad dog? Or what does one do when one encounters a man with pre-fixed notions about everything in life, most specifically of women who live alone and give him some importance? The two are equivalent to me and basic intelligence says avoid the paths they tread like plague. But I chose to tackle them head on. I almost got rabbies.

The mad man said [sic] "You sound like a very desperate person. A single and frustrated woman who is looking for anyone to leave a comment on your blog so much so that you wouldn't even spare a spammer." Spammer being, the first comment on the previous post is apparently a spam, an advert for T-shirts. Bummer! I thought it was a handsome Spaniard or Latino, so I had replied "Hi Rodrigo", hoping to take the conversation forward offline. Anyway! All this the mad man found out. I didnt. Sure, I dig comments because I love the spontaneity and intelligence of my friends. And I didn't invite the mad man's. So, I had deleted his comment to eulogise on this post. I found it very amusing that someone who loathes me and what I write would go to the extent of reading even the comments and also do a background search of the one who has left a comment. Maybe, I don't run short of patrons in disguise.

I thought the mad man and his mind deserves this due space. Because such minds are, in reality, hard to come by and the story is a trifle amusing story to narrate. The comment further states, "And all these pictures of you splattered all over the blog with details of where you work and where you live, maybe you are desperate for attention. Maybe you'll get what you wish for and stop bloggin for good. When it walks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it is a duck. Replace that with Desperado." Ahem... The story doesn't end here, it gets more interesting.

Mad man says, "Let's face it the reality is you are a f***** glorified clerk running from one pathetic media house to another. I mean what do you even know about the business world working for a business magazine... I have never seen anyone use the world 'Kosher' like you do." Sure, he knows a lot more about my profession than I do and he does read my blog in great detail. In a separate mail, I told him to buy Wren & Martins -- that's for starters I said and maybe will lend his language some sophistication, in time.

It's human to be provoked and react, so I sent the rabid email. I happen to think that the encounter was good. I got a topic to write home about and tell the world -- such men exist. Such men, who have a certain disease in the head that can't involve the use of medicines. It's my diagnosis. The bottomline to all this is: maybe, I should learn to be open to criticism. Maybe my blog is self indulgent, so I don't write what pleases the mad man. About the photographs, he forgot it is not his blog but mine. About desperation, sure...if only you were not a mad dog...


Unknown said...

In actual he sounds desperate for your attention and purely jealous of ur life. The best way to treat such ppl is give them a royal ignore and dont let it affect you in any way

Sabarmati View said...


why do men always think that single women are desperate? Men and women can be married and still be desperate? what's single status got to do with it? This is coming from a so-called net-savvy man shows that we have a long way to go in etiquette and liberal thinking. and so far as photographs on your blog are concerned, it's your personal choice. If he doesn't want to see them, he need not visit your blogsite.
and by the way, my colleague Surbhi loved reading your blogs... so don't pay attention to such comments... very few have the courage to be in the company of thinking women

love and keep blogging

Anonymous said...

There's only one thing I've been saying ever since i heard about the creep... This guy's antics deserve to be up here in all their "glory"... only wish you'd named him in case his friends were stopping by...!!!

we've got your back! :)

Anonymous said...

look at teh positive side ---- now u have no probs in asking this guy to get lost ...... i hope u wont have anything to do with him ever again

Unknown said...

hey girl. heres my take on this. being a glorified clerk running from one pathetic media house to another etc is far better than being a rabid sociopath!

and we all know the truth about the glorified clerk thing. only didnt know it had become a synonym for intelligent and confident professionals.

its sad when men, people, start reacting like this. whatever be the trigger it is pathetic to spew ones vitriol so publicly. wonder how such people look at themselves in the mirror. surely in one lonely miserable corner of their selves they know they are actually laughing stock.

but more important this blog's your own so say whay you want to and it says some real nice things too. so simply keep at it.

Jayant said...

I've known such guys before. There was one who got so obsessed with a girl that once, when a friend of the girl's blew him up over the phone, he actually gave out her (the friend's) cell no. in public chatrooms, saying that it was a call girl's no. And then there was the guy who, on being dumped by his subordinate, put up her private pictures on one of those social networking sites and threatened to ruin her corporate career if she didn't come back to him. The poor girl tried to kill herself. Went into clinical depression after that. :-/

Yeah, such creeps do exist, unfortunately. Wish laws against such online harrasment were more stringent in our country.

Anonymous said...

By the way, has he been forced to read your blog? It's a free world.He seems like a bonded mad man on the prowl, looking for a good kill to satisfy his sadistic hunger and needs!Is he really net-savvy? Indira, pay no attention to him.Maybe he wants to be a copycat stalker like those sickos out there!! Breathe easy sister!! He's no patch on you! He is just drooling over you cos he cant have his cake and eat it too! He cant digest the fact that single women can have fun and free to do as they please!!

Unknown said...

Hey Indie, Read your blog after a long time. Was away on a holiday. As someone said, give him a royal ignore. You are a beautiful person. Don't let such slimy Bs to affect you.

Shanti Thokchom said...

Hey!Ibemma,take it easy and hope things do get better! I enjoy reading your blogs.Keep it up your good work!!You got lot of better things to do in life than be saddled with good-4-nothing fellas in your life who are out to taer you to pieces cos they cant seem to tolerate you working and having fun with your friends and your singledom!!!

Anonymous said...

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