“Guys… listen…” All heads turn to the feminine voice. We are about to witness a lecture on alfresco, currently the bane of our existence. But Sanj does it with conviction and fervor. I am yet to meet someone literally married to work and I wish I could emulate some of those qualities.

In life, we come across many people. But the workplace is such where you know who blows the competition away. That is why the young team members fear Sanj because of her level of consistency. But the world is also such that when one member of that close group, in which you often bicker, leaves it also leaves a dent in the emotion. I guess that’s why we all are human beings. We crib, we fight, we have our ups and downs, but there is a bond that develops, albeit unexpressed.

Saying bye to someone is always laced with a tinge of sadness. It’s the idea of missing the presence of someone whose presence you often take for granted. And for the one who leaves, it’s a form of uprooting yourself from a place you had called home. That is why Sanj’s leaving today is a form of prelude to me, to my moving to a different country, where all things familiar – from the shops next to my house to the people next door to the sounds of the vegetable vendors or the kabari wallah next to my windows – will be a thing of the past.

It is indeed difficult to erase certain things that have found their home in the heart. But there is nothing one can do except, accept the fact that in life, change is inevitable. Good luck Sanj!

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