Ten more days of single(dom). Here is what is not fun. The weather is so hot that I have almost stopped short of thinking what to do and how to celebrate. I am also worried sick about how my family will cope with this heat which will take centrestage to all the celebrations as the weatherman says expect more hotter weeks. I hope the rain Gods have some mercy, please, please, please!

I get teased about choosing hot June as the month for a wedding. How do I explain that when the time comes, there is no looking it is autumn, spring, summmer or winter? It just happens. And poor Lozza, he is destined to come to India only during the summers. When all this is over, I just hope the hot wedding will make 'cool' memories.

But it's also the time of my life where I will remember having more than one dilemma and many, many, questions from all and sundry. The dilemma is apparel related = blue, red or pink. A favourite question from many: so who all are coming from the groom's side? I am still not able to figure out the strength of this question. Maybe it's just a general question but I am not able to shrug it off as I want to know why people are interested in this. Maybe someone needs to remind me that I over reacting!

Meanwhile, I need to be slim and stop eating like a pig. But it's hot and I all want is a chilled glass of Carlsburg beer. And my nervous well-wishers have warned me not to join the singers or get drunk on D-Day. I must, you see, be the quintessential bride and remember the special day. I hope I remember to behave myself!


Shanti Thokchom said...

hey gal! i know D-day looms nearer and u get more nervous as everyone would throw all kinds of questions at you! Why bother who all are coming from groom's side!! Just get more "ALOOs" for your relatives so they can leave u in peace...ha..ha..ha..!! M sure you'll be the best bride in any color!! Your man does not mind you in anything so be happy!!Just keep your cool with THANDA LASSI not beer!!ha..ha..ha.. wish I could attend!!

Shanti Thokchom said...

some little guy is over anxious to attend his NENE INDI's D-day and he has been singing your hallelujahs to one and all so he's being questioned all the time...ha..ha,ha!! The NENE in question is right now contemplating to get slim....hah!! will she? with the CALSBURG beer by her side!! God save our bride!! ha..ha..ha..ha..LAZZO ki RANI.....!! Tera singledom bas khalas jaldi hone wala hai...!!

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