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I have been hibernating for a while, letting time take away every moment. That's life. Sometimes you feel so content that complacency sets in. You are content with living the routine. And then one day you realise you want to break the routine because the routine begins to stifle. You begin to write. You think what to write... coherence or incoherence, "The moving finger writes; and, having writ, Moves on: nor all your Piety nor Wit Shall lure it back to cancel half a Line, Nor all your Tears wash out a Word of it." Hmmm... Omar Khayyam.

My life has changed. Lozza always said it will. He is right. I have just one problem, and that is coping with questions from all and sundry, especially my ex-colleagues. "Where are you? Are you in Delhi? Oh, We thought you left the country." Some think I fibbed about leaving the country because I wanted to leave the workplace. Some are still speculating why I am hanging around. Amusing. I don't care but I cant't help penning this down. Besides, you can't go on explaining to the world all the personal decisions that make you change plans at the nth moment.

The past three months have been good. The happiness of having someone around you always, the comfort of knowing you are cared for always, the sense of stability... But all good things in life, I won't say do not last, I will say has a break. So, with me. And in this break you are not overwhelmingly saddened by the absence of love, of sharing, laughing, crying, fighting on an everyday basis because you have a tomorrow that awaits you. A tomorrow to experience more things. A happier tomorrow.

Life is filled with all kinds of memories. Some short, some bitter, some sad, some happy, some hazy. But the memories you make with the one you love surpasses all things else. When you suffer a heartbreak, life loses its colour. Nothing feels right. You see a long life ahead of you and wonder if you can even survive the next 24 hours. But nature has a way of making time heal the pain. And with every heartache follows greater happiness.

I have experienced both heartaches and happiness in multitudes. Because I don't live by the rules, I don't live by conventions. It's also the reason why I am always met with the standard advice, "Now this time please think seriously about your life." As if. People assume too much. Their own lives are so screwed but they are ready to nit pick on someone else because that someone does not conform to the rule. Lozza says it is better to be loved than be married. I agree with him. And that is why I have been a non-conformist for most part of my life. But with this attutude I've found my own curtain of space in life. And a man who believes in me and accepts me for what I am. Thankyou Lozza.
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Anonymous said...

Like The Joker said, "Why So Serious?" :-)

A beer, I say! Think it's time I came to Delhi .. hehe. Take care, Indira.

- Kun Kun

Indira said...

Kun Kun, love your comments :)

Shanti Thokchom said...

ibemma,nice 2 see u so happy n contented...keep it up!! ek din to marna hi hai...phukat mei aasu baha baha ke jina kya faida?

laurie said...

i loved this, great words and so true,

laurie said...

i loved this, great words and so true,

laurie said...
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