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When The Ceiling Wall Fell...

Sometimes you don't want to believe you just got lucky because you did not live that moment of pain. And you have to keep saying it to yourself and others to realise 'YES I JUST GOT LUCKY'. Imagine this: you are cooking, you are engrossed, your head bent as you stir the curry on the pot, stray thoughts in the mind... and all of a sudden the ceiling above you decides to give way. Without warning it falls bang on the spot you are standing, the sound matching that of a mini bomb. The result of living in a delapidated government flat. LOL! I had a narrow escape because I had stepped out just at that time to have a glass of water. Looking at the slabs of brick and cement I would have had a cracked skull. Or, maybe, I just missed an opportunity to see which is tougher -- the wall or my head. Yes, I am laughing because I just got lucky. But think deep and the thought is scary. Between life and death there can be a difference of even a second. Damn these government houses! I am pu

Ontalogical II

I got mail. Dear Indi.. how are you? Well, Ontalogical inspired you. It also inspired me. Though I am little late. I hope, you will like it. Love Deepika ******** The Collage I know no other way of writing it. But it could be anybody's story. It could be that woman in a crisp cotton sari with a black handbag waiting at the bus stop on a dry sunny day.It could be that young lady in a denim driving past the traffic signal. It could be your brother's story. It could be that girl wandering by lone sea-brakers. It could be that man smoking a cigarette and leaving it half way on the ashtray. And moving ahead without looking back. It could very well be my story also....... ************ Heart. Mind. Emotion. Logic. Too profound words. Have you ever tried looking for these words in a dictionary? You always thought you knew these words even when you were in school. The world moves around with these words. He gets up in the midst of a conversation and picks up that glass of water lying on


After a foodie weekend at best friend’s, I got back home on Sunday to find roomie in a rather pensive mood. Reason, it was her beau’s birthday but beau chose to spend it with his folks. It got me thinking… what a ******. It was a day she was looking forward to, deciding what to do and what to wear until he put a bummer to her plans. She’d bought him thoughtful gifts, card, even a birthday cake. Over jogging, I thought most women are not ready to put the brakes to their relationships even though the signs are ripe, sometimes. Maybe, it’s easier said than done. And easier for a third person to recognise the signs. Love can be blind and dumb too. When it’s complicated, when it’s confusion it’s not easy to sever ties. But how does one discern a bad guy and a good guy? Maybe it’s less about discretion and more about committal and non-committal relationships. And when the woman seeks commitment and the guy is commitment phobic, that one automatically assumes a ‘confusing’ status. The woman

India: More Than One Face

My friend Deepika Sahu is an angry young woman just now. Find out why... Few months back, not many had heard of Mr Raj Thackeray and his Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS). But today, a large part of India knows him. He was lying low after breaking away from his uncle. And suddenly MMS was not the buzzword anymore. It's MNS and MNS all the way. Never mind for all the wrong reasons. But he has influenced some also. At least so it appears on the surface. Taking a cue from Mr Raj, a colleague was heard recently saying, "Gujarat should be only for Gujaratis." God knows what will happen to all those Gujaratis in Mumbai, Shillong, Atlanta, New Jersy, United kingdom, Kenya... the list can go on. But I think, I have a very peculiar problem on this account. I am married to a Malayali who is born and brought up in Ahmedabad. My in-laws migrated from Kerala way back in 1960s. And even if I go back to Orissa, going by this son of the soil logic, my husband can't go to Orissa. I c

Starry Nights

At one point of time, I raved about the Khans in my life – Aamir Khan, Imran Khan and Salman Khan. That is long gone but the Khan fascination continues. I now have turned my head towards two Khans – Shahrukh and Saif. And watching the duo host the recent Filmfare awards at the Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai was a treat. These two Bollywood biggies have the charm, wit and are gifted with quick repartee, something you don’t see in Bollywood stars except for the intellectually pretentious Rahul Bose and Konkana Sen. And there remain a few more. The presentation was funny and Shahrukh and Saif made a spoof of everything about Bollywood – from the way actors dance in weddings to the two not being invited in the Abhi-Ash wedding to Ram Gopal Varma’s audacious attempt at remaking Sholay . American TV shows are so full of spoofs, spontaneity and they make fun of everyone including their own president. And that’s the reason I am hooked to American Idol, Friends , Jay Leno etc. etc. I was only hopi