After a foodie weekend at best friend’s, I got back home on Sunday to find roomie in a rather pensive mood. Reason, it was her beau’s birthday but beau chose to spend it with his folks. It got me thinking… what a ******. It was a day she was looking forward to, deciding what to do and what to wear until he put a bummer to her plans. She’d bought him thoughtful gifts, card, even a birthday cake. Over jogging, I thought most women are not ready to put the brakes to their relationships even though the signs are ripe, sometimes.

Maybe, it’s easier said than done. And easier for a third person to recognise the signs. Love can be blind and dumb too. When it’s complicated, when it’s confusion it’s not easy to sever ties. But how does one discern a bad guy and a good guy? Maybe it’s less about discretion and more about committal and non-committal relationships. And when the woman seeks commitment and the guy is commitment phobic, that one automatically assumes a ‘confusing’ status. The woman takes the man’s no as confusion and still adorns him the role of a hero in her life. With years, I have learnt to recommend one treatment for every commitment phobic guy: one go, 10 come! So, turn your back immediately because the more you stay in that relationship, the more you begin to lose your self respect and self esteem in the process. That way, you have less regrets!

So after dinner, just when I was sitting down with my laptop, now an indispensable part of my life, I whiled my time talking with Deepika, who was sitting in darkness in her office and typing away in gusto. Deepika said she was depressed. I sensed it was one of those days and depression is a word I associate with her now. “It’s the sameness of life that is killing me… I wish I was rich and had taken a year off but I am so addicted to earning my money," she said. When I asked where hubby dearest was, she replied, ”Men are better when they are away.”

And to top it all, she got a confusing mail from a friend. The mail described love in all its hues, "at the ontalogical level" too. That got us thoroughly confused too. I told Deepika I don’t know what it meant but that I could relate it to endocrinology because they sounded similar, that I know endocrinology well because I had my throat operation. And that maybe she should tell friend that at the endocrinological level, just above the throat and below the heart, love is perplexing, but that they can both have an ontological relationship anyways… The best antidote to Deepika’s depression for the evening. We ended up having the best laughs of our times.


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Anonymous said...

Well you are right about guys being commitment phobic and I will with agree with you to dump them coz if you leave them I am sure many guys will come in your life . So love the person who loves you not the person who you love.

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