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Starry Nights

At one point of time, I raved about the Khans in my life – Aamir Khan, Imran Khan and Salman Khan. That is long gone but the Khan fascination continues. I now have turned my head towards two Khans – Shahrukh and Saif. And watching the duo host the recent Filmfare awards at the Yash Raj Studios in Mumbai was a treat. These two Bollywood biggies have the charm, wit and are gifted with quick repartee, something you don’t see in Bollywood stars except for the intellectually pretentious Rahul Bose and Konkana Sen. And there remain a few more.

The presentation was funny and Shahrukh and Saif made a spoof of everything about Bollywood – from the way actors dance in weddings to the two not being invited in the Abhi-Ash wedding to Ram Gopal Varma’s audacious attempt at remaking Sholay. American TV shows are so full of spoofs, spontaneity and they make fun of everyone including their own president. And that’s the reason I am hooked to American Idol, Friends, Jay Leno etc. etc. I was only hoping SRK and Saif didn’t get any brickbats for what they did and which had the audiences in splits, for the moment though.

So SRK and Saif picked Bappi Lahiri too when he came to present one of the awards. As SRK walked Bappida towards his seat, we caught him asking, “Which jewellery store do you go to Sir”.This was funny knowing Bappida and his very ornamental self, distinct with his multiple gold chains and big rings. I suspect he also wears lipstick.

Next time I watch an award show and an actor goes with his hand and the trophy up with, “Ma this one is for you,” I will start crying. I want to hear a different thank you line. Maybe Tabu heard my inner voice. So when given the critics award for Cheeni Kum, she said, “I don’t want to thank anyone for this.” So SRK and Saif promptly said “but please thank us.” Tabu and her fake unconventionalism. By the way, Saif and Shahrukh called the critics BAS(kets) of knowledge and ASS(timilators)!

And what is this hype about Deepika Padukone. She walked away with two awards – fresh face and best debutant for Om Shanti Om. When it came to her, madam thank her costar Shahrukh, who promptly ask her to thank Saif too, Her reply: “Provided Kareena doesn’t mind”. That was pathetic. But talking of Kareena, she and Saif, the new lovers and most talked about couple in the circuit stole the show with their passionate hug. Damn! And they look so good together.

Oh and I have to make this last bit comment about eternal diva Rekha. Agreed she looks like a goddess with her heavy jewellery, rich banarasi sarees and striking dark lipsticks (nomatter the ocassion) and her youthful looks even now in her 50s, but wonder why her lesbian secretary in her manly suits follow her everywhere like a bodyguard. Am left thinking if they share a thing. What a waste of her looks. Sorry for the biased opinion.


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