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Dear Indi.. how are you? Well, Ontalogical inspired you. It also inspired me. Though I am little late. I hope, you will like it.
The Collage
I know no other way of writing it. But it could be anybody's story. It could be that woman in a crisp cotton sari with a black handbag waiting at the bus stop on a dry sunny day.It could be that young lady in a denim driving past the traffic signal. It could be your brother's story. It could be that girl wandering by lone sea-brakers. It could be that man smoking a cigarette and leaving it half way on the ashtray. And moving ahead without looking back. It could very well be my story also.......
Heart. Mind. Emotion. Logic. Too profound words. Have you ever tried looking for these words in a dictionary? You always thought you knew these words even when you were in school. The world moves around with these words. He gets up in the midst of a conversation and picks up that glass of water lying on the side table and says with a shrug "Illogical". The conversation ends there. She says something or perhaps nothing. Tears start rolling down her cheeks. He gives a stern look and says, "What's the hell? Why are you so emotional?"Why are we so scared of emotion? Is it because it's so raw? Is it because it shows a side of us which we don't want to see or show to anybody? But then talk logic. You will be looked up. Everybody says, 'You emotional fool.' Nobody says, 'You logical fool.' Is intelligent another synonym for logic? Try logic, you will be wriggled out of many situations without a scar. That's the world goes by. Feel. And see how alone you are in this world.
He loves putting things in a perspective. He loves dissecting things. Bring it to bare minimum. Analyse. And Analyse. She understands theory. But not really much. Dismiss her as a 'fool' if you want to. But she feels. She inhales the pain silently. Theory doesn't come so very easily to her. Soaking in the rain brings back memories of those heady days. Touching the blue striped shirt in the cupboard gives a sensual feeling. A feeling of a journey left midway. How do you theorise memories? How do you analyse lost innocence?
He writes for seminar papers to be presented in the high-brow world of academics. Emotions have very little place in those 10,000 word thick bound papers. In air-conditioned rooms, emotions don't really matter much. It's the remote that keeps the room temperature in control that matters. Did she say 'I feel, therefore I am?' She is an alien in this world. She's not meant to be here. Just say, "I think, therefore I am.". She writes from heart. He writes from mind. It's a different world unfolding in two different ways. Assimilation is a difficult word. Everybody is trying that in this world. The immigrants in United States are trying it for years. The Dalits in India are trying for centuries. But it's tough.
With my heart in my palm, my love in my heart, I look away. The setting Sun looks magnificent. And where does logic figure in this world of surreal beauty as a part of the sky turns purple, another part turns orange. It's a collage. Collage of colours. Collage of emotions.

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One thing is for sure to happen in love marriage and that is guys will never understand their wife's feelings, emotions, neccesity etc. Before marriage they would do anything for their girlfriends but after marriage the scene changes. Life is like a drama which God sees to the different parts played by the actors i.e. we human beings. So play your parts carefully before your time ends.

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