When you are down and out and you look your worst, beau still finds you beautiful. When the evening sun sets and the sky turns purple, he calls and tells you how beautiful the world looks. When you fight with him and deserve the least, “I love you,” is what he says. You wish you could stop that moment in time and savour it for life but the time and days just fly following each other in endless succession.

He wants to tell the world how much you mean to him, he wants to spend every waking moment of his life with you, for you define his happiness. When he looks at you across a sea of people in a room his eyes manage to speak to you. And no matter how sissy the world views him, his tears don’t stop flowing when he hugs you just before he flies across the continents to attend to his calling. And then he calls to say “take care because if you live, I have a reason to live.”

Chances are that it is not everyday you experience this kind of love. It’s out of the ordinary and it happens only once in your lifetime. You don’t think of the fights then because when the memories are made, it’s ones like these that stand out and bring the smile on your face.

When I saw my roomie ruing about her beau today, the reflections just came. “I want to forget him,” she said because she had her day off from work and beau wasn’t around to spend time with her. That’s become almost routine, she says. A good boyfriend spends time with his girl, pines for the moment when they can be together and takes part in the nitty gritty affairs of her life. And though he hangs up the phone when he is in a meeting, he makes amends soon after. You don’t go chasing with your calls. You don’t stick around thinking when he would turn up. You do not wait for assurances.

The line is security and happiness. If those are there, the sparks remain and you celebrate a new life everyday.


Anonymous said...

I think I know how you feel as I have had the good fortune of experiencing it myself.It's like everytime you think of that person you get this warm cozy feeling inside and you break into this uncontrollable smile.When you can be yourself with someone and can communicate honestly about your hopes,dreams,worries,setbacks and share your secrets and faults and still accept each other for what you are then I think you really do have what people call 'unconditional love'.I can see that you are happy and something so elusive should be cherised.

Shanti Thokchom said...

If you happy, thats all what matters! Wish you all the best,my friend! Just keep healthy and cheerful despite all thats around you! Chin up,gal!!

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