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Sunday Blues

Last Sunday I attended a workshop organised by friends from different professions. I keep my Sundays to myself but this time I couldn't escape the drudgery of a Sunday noon workshop (when I should have been reading a good book or watching a movie on the DVD). After the barrage of calls, I reluctantly drove to Saket for the "Avatar" workshop. Avatar because people are supposed to become role models for themselves and pass the buck on! And talk I did with vengeance, with a reason, so people say "not her again" the next time. Lived up to my name of being called a 'tenawa' or a parrot at home.

With a vague briefing on the contents of the session, friend Vishaka and I walked in and couldn't stop exchanging smiles, notes and "what have we gotten ourselves into" looks. But I was bound to have some fun. I knew it was some session to help people realise their true selves and become winners, etc., etc., a la Art of Living session, but the monotony was almost killing. Vizag almost fell asleep (couldn't blame her, she was up early to attend a press conference in the morning) as the participants began to bare their souls. Much as I admired their courage and openness, I kept thinking if the world and the lives that we live are so fucked up that people can't find happiness anywhere. And when the subject was on things we believe in, Vizag woke up from her near slumber and asked me if this was a preparation for the Miss India contest. She refused to talk.

I hate conventional wisdom and the session saw people thriving in it. One woman said relationship was all about nurturing and nurturing so that like a plant it grows. Many others seconded her. What the heck! I chose to disagree. How can one person alone go on nurturing and nurturing? Plants grow fine but not relationships. One can't be a sacrificial lamb. So I said every relationship -- be it with your lover, family, friends -- is about give and take. If it is not it is uneven and if it is uneven it is unfair. And it is based on my experiences.

I an even surprised by 90 per cent of the respondents' views about the future. "Oh it is unpredictable because no one knows what the future holds". To a certain extent yes, but I believe my future is what I do of my present and in the present. I invest in a house or a relationship or in my career today so that I reap its benefits. So in that sense I have chalked out what I want tomorrow. You can't lead your lives so blindly and not plan anything. Workshop over, I realised we all cling to wise thoughts but it is experiences that can improve our lives and change our outlook. And you don't need to shell out Rs 40,000 to become an Avatar. Just listen to your inner voice and your mother to know you are right on track.


Sabarmati View said…
Hi Indi,

what's your new avtar? and dear i always thought you had no desire for self-improvement and i am happy that you lived upto my expectation
Indira said…
i always lived above your exptectations i thought my dear :)
Unknown said…
avatar and a workshop huh? just so much new wine and old bottle. but i completely empathise. sunday afternoons ought to be spent better. just wondering, what if you simply dont turn up for one of these things?!
Snigdha said…
looks like pallavi is taking a break from boring thesis papers and visiting blogs :)and hey, what did you think about the photo of the rolls royce we shot from vishaka's car? quick be nice and comment!
Indira said…
sniggy the car was awesome... and wish it was me in the driver's seat!
Shanti Thokchom said…
avatar n u?? goes good together!! at least its keepin you occupied!

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