There aren't quite so many like Jay Leno, he manages to take on one and all. Smart, skilled and full of tomfoolery, he makes me laugh. I haven't been following American news, so the revelation of presidential candidate John Edwards' 400-dollar haircut, paid apparently from his campaign money, was funny especially the way Leno put it. "Oh, Edwards said it was a friend so he charged only that much, but what kind of friend charges a f***** 400 dollar for a haircut? Even an enemy won't screw you that bad." And should Edwards become the president, what would his plane be called -- Hair Force One!

Next, Jay Leno called American Idol dropout Sanjaya Malakar and made so much fun of the poor guy and his hairstyle that all the poor kid did was dance and dance to whatever music was being played on screen and in the background. By the way, I've watched the guy sing and I don't think he really is as bad as was made out by the American press. But good thing is, in the process, Sanjaya has won as much publicity as Carrie Underwood. I like her songs too.

This one was the funniest. Jay Leno is worried by the news that scientists are coming up with women being able to build their own sperms inside the tummy. He cried, "What will happen to us? What will happen to our manufacturing, distribution and installation?" In Britain, he says women can now order sperms on the Internet, which is then packed and courriered. S0, imagine, he said, the delivery boy coming to your door and asking , "Ma'am, where do I place the sperms?" I enjoy such silly humour, not quite slapstick!

On the home front, it is Rakhi Sawant I love these days. Quite a rags to bitches story, this one. Crass and bold, she readily flaunts her back, tattoo, cleavage, et al in true exhibitionist style. But that's her job she says as an item girl! Recently, in Koffee With Karan, she bares it all -- how she was brought up in Mumbai's chawl, got famous, had a lip job done, "woh kya kehte hain na -- silicon," she says :) I saw some episodes of Big Boss too, and I think she was the best unlike the other contrived, conniving participants. Her declaration of love in that show for a bloke called Abhishek was one of the funniest. Why Jay Leno and Rakhi Sawant succeed today is because I think they hold up well, by being quite real and funny to the hilt! That's some comparison!

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