For long, he was a non facebooker. The types, you know, who would rather pick the phone in lieu of chats or emails. Perhaps the man likes to stay within the realm of the old world charm, I thought! But with a new phone, or his toy as he calls it, in his possession – it has Facebook on Android, which means there are a slew of fixes and is faster – Lolo’s resistance to Facebook is on the wane.

When I first set up Lolo’s account (he did have an account earlier which he deleted after reading how Facebook intrudes privacies), I told him that this time he could use his discretion to select friends. My idea to bring him on the Facebook fold was to make him a part of my cackles over comments/postings/photos etc.  

Of course, life does not feel finite with a Facebook but it is a good past time and the best way to stay in touch with friends whom I miss. Then there is the other side that you end up accumulating so many unwanted friends. Like weeds, they need pruning. I mean it does not make sense to have friends who I met once or worked together but never interacted because we just don’t interact on Facebook too. And that’s when they qualify for perfect strangers. I like interaction, a 'like' or a 'how are you' sometimes. So my recent exercise in weaning of friends did prove therapeutic.

Back to Lolo. With a few friends whom he is comfortable with in his Facebook kitty, I love the grin on one of his rare moments of looking at Facebook. I also feel I am his support tech team. 

“Is it Facebook etiquette to poke back if someone pokes at you?”

“Of course. You are not poking skin to skin. You are doing a virtual poke!”

“Am I allowed to like a ‘like’?”

“Do what you want!”

“Oh, but we gotta work together as a team...”

“I have friend requests. Who is P Singh, Who is K Singh....”

“DDDdddooon’t ignore, one is my uncle, the other is my cousin.” 

I realise I have inadvertently set up Lolo with freaking Facebook. How long this tie-up last remains to be seen. For the moment, I don’t mind being his answering machine or support system!

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