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George Harrison And I

George Harrison's wife Olivia said George “was on fire within”. I was reading in the paper today an extract from the book George Harrison: Living in the Material World and what Olivia has written about her man, one of the most innovative musicians and spiritual explorers of his time, made me reflect on life in general. She said of George. “He had karma to work out. He wasn’t going to come back and be bad. He was going to be good and bad and everything all at once. You know if someone said to you, ‘OK, you can through your life and you can have everything in five lifetimes, or you can have a really intense one and have it in one, and then you can go and be liberated,’ he would have said, ‘Give me the one, I am not coming back here.’ “

As the secret to George’s imaginative soul bares open, I feel that is how I want to live life too. I am indeed greedy about life that I want to have it all, experience it all in one go. I too want to experience the good, the bad, the ugly all at once in this life. Patience is not one of my virtues but then it isn’t the only vice I have. If human beings were capable of that all-consuming goodness, the world would be full of saints and gurus. How boring a world would that one be? 

As the silly season approaches, I am pondering about life in the material world. I have turned 40 and while I might say I have had moments when I felt on top of the world, I have not inspired the world to sing and dance (laugh out loud). So today when I read about George, the man who at 19 gave us such joy through his singing, that singing is only a part of his story. He is ‘an enduring figure of fascination’. I want to live life like George, kingsize. If the title of the post has misled you, there are no apologies because what I mean is, the relevance of George in my life!


Laurie B said…
i also admired George he was a brilliant musican, bought so much joy to the world through his music, and was both a spiritual and gifted man.

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