It is the 14th day today at the hospital. The nurses are becoming more than familiar faces but they do change quite often. I miss Heather the old nurse who generally comes in the morning. I think she is taking a break as I haven't seen her for a few days.

There is so much activity in the room. Liquids after liquids are infused into the vein. I have stopped taking a note of what all is being given after the first few days of inquisitiveness. Then the machine beeps after every refill. Every ten minutes, pulse rate, temperature, and blood pressure is monitored. "No aches, no pains, no nausea?", the nurse asks. You say, "No". She replies, "All good." You heave a sigh of relief.

I have discovered good tea at the hospital. I look forward to the volunteers who go round with a trolley of tea, coffee and soft drinks and knock at the door. They always come in with a smile. There are times when every smile, even from strangers, feel so warm in the heart.

At the lift, I meet all kinds of people. I wonder who in their next of kith or kin is in for the long haul. I wonder what their story is.

The doctors say we are going to be here for at least another two weeks till they see some movement in the bone marrow. We know the marrow does not start working overnight after it has been detoxified. So we are OK with the news. Just praying the neutrophils shoot up again so that the body's immunity is back on track.

After a relatively warm day, it rained as the sun set. And somewhere out of the window, Lolo and I spotted a rainbow and looked at it together. It stood for a while. The liquid refill machine beeps. Back to reality. Hoping tomorrow is altogether a new day.

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