I thought it was the swine. Sister and rommie were down with fever. And while one recovered, the other was hospitalised with dengue and typhoid. I was mother hen for a week. No complaints there but I had my first brush with a dengue patient up, close and personal. The skin had rashes like allergies and I kept glued to the platelet count reports every morning. Thankfully for our ever cheerful patient, she beat the dengue and the typhoid and came home after seven days. Lolo says people die of snake and shark bites down under and here we have to battle the teeny weeny moseys. Now we have installed the most powerful mosquito repellants in the house - a three-in-one All Out -to kill dengue, malaria and chikungunya. Hope they work.
Diwali was fun. We had lunch at Dilli Haat at the Naga Stall and digged on smoked pork with akhuni or fermented black beans and rice. Then we bought diyas to light up the house and my sister tried her hand at drawing up a rangoli which looked like the strangest rangoli I have seen in my entire life. But our house looked the brightest towards the evening. Then we headed off to our special invite of the night at our dear friend Yashu's who had arranged dinner and drinks for us. The evening was called the 'Charge of the mini skirt brigade'. No explanations there.
My infamous Mrs B's obsession with me hasn't died down. First she called me out of the blue to apologise. She said, "please forgive me for whatever I have done to you and come and stab me." I didn't how to react but must admit, thawed a bit. Two weeks later, she called me in my office landline. She has got the verbal diarrhoea laced with malice. She wants to talk to my boss to malign my reputation. People have so much time on their hands. But how does one treat mad dogs. I have been adviced to just ignore her and not give her her drugs - my reactions. Now she will become more insane than ever. Ya-hoooo!

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