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I was watching American talk show Conan O'Brien sometime back and he was giving a funny award called the Audiency Award. He picked up various people from his show for their uniqueness. One such awardee was a fan who had more than 2000 friends on his Facebook. But he got the award not just for that reason. The other reason was actual friends = none.

So that brings me to my Facebook discourse. Wonder why some people are averse to Facebook. I think it's better than all the other social networking sites such as Orkut or Linked In. I get Linked-In invites every other day but it goes to my spam without a second thought! And Orkut is just off putting. Don't know why.

I love facebooking. And I have been able to discover so many long and lost friends, friends who had literally gone out of my orbit. So, I was pleasantly surprised when I found my first roomate, someone I had shared a heart and a home when I came to Delhi in the early ninetees. After a decade of lost communication and lost love, we made up and became friends all over again. Now I know what's on her mind next!

And the other thing I love is going through the photos. You know, revelling in the cheap thrill that someone has put on so much weight than someone else or better still, me! Oh and I also get to check on my siblings and what they are up to. A cynic friend said "people abroad are so lonely, they are either online 24X7 or either facebooking". Well, better than being lonely I think. Perhaps she has no facebook friends hee hee hee...

Someone said there is an article saying that the fastest growing demographic on Facebook was the 35+ age group. Good news as Facebook has just topped 300 million users. Just hope and pray the site doesn't crash!

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