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XY Factor

Eunuchs continue to fascinate me. Tonight I was watching the Indian remake of Moment Of Truth or Sach Ka Samna , the TV progamme which even got Indian Parliamentarians laying aside national issues and debating heatedly on things such as why publicly admitting to sleeping with many partners can be bad for the moral health of society. Indian politicians think they also have the right to moral policing. But of course the voices of politicians crying hoarse over truth was silenced by one sane judge who ruled that there is a purpose why the TV remote was invented. If you dont like a channel, you either switch off the TV or surf channels. Coming back to the eunuch, the participant was a Lakhsmi, born male but eunuch by choice. And she had big breasts. Laksmi could pass off as any woman if not for her vocal chords. But that apart, I watched her on the show and felt a sense of admiration for her. And it led me to a series of thoughts in my mind. I didn't grow up seeing eunuchs in my neigh

Bye Bye Theory

“Guys… listen…” All heads turn to the feminine voice. We are about to witness a lecture on alfresco, currently the bane of our existence. But Sanj does it with conviction and fervor. I am yet to meet someone literally married to work and I wish I could emulate some of those qualities. In life, we come across many people. But the workplace is such where you know who blows the competition away. That is why the young team members fear Sanj because of her level of consistency. But the world is also such that when one member of that close group, in which you often bicker, leaves it also leaves a dent in the emotion. I guess that’s why we all are human beings. We crib, we fight, we have our ups and downs, but there is a bond that develops, albeit unexpressed. Saying bye to someone is always laced with a tinge of sadness. It’s the idea of missing the presence of someone whose presence you often take for granted. And for the one who leaves, it’s a form of uprooting yourself from a place yo

June Recap

I got married on June 16 at the ripe old age of 39 unlike most of my friends who got tied to matrimony in their early twenties, when they were probably still discovering the world, the stars above their heads and the notion that marriages are made in heaven. Most have known just one man all their lives and married the same man, their reputation and virginity intact! I, on the contrary, dabbled in relationships without the boundaries. To society, to family, to friends, I am now defined by law. My wedding reception on June 17 was one hell of a party. I sang and sang and drank and drank. LoLo says he was proud to see me on the stage but the singing was questionable! My friends say it was a first for them to see a bride enjoying her own wedding so much. In our society, brides are supposed to be demure and coy and not let any of their maidenly qualities slip on occasions such as these. I was, I guess, every bride’s nightmare but I like to think of that evening as one when I celebrated in t