Sausages in shawls, breaded fish, deviled egges, marinated paneer, kahndvi quiche, mirch ka salan, sukha mutton, methi malai matar , malabar paratha, fruit with mint and ginger, vannilla with caped goosberries conserve... It's not my razor sharp memory, if you are wondering I am typing it away as I recall. A day before the party, Yash text me the list of menu she was slogging her ass on. I knew it had to be good knowing how worryingly meticulous she is as a host. From the colour of the napkins to the sizes of the crockeries, nothing can go wrong.

The party last Saturday was a good one. It heralds the start of my yearend bashes. Eat, drink and be merry will be by motto this week. To hell with recession. The more you think, the more it depresses. So don't think about it at all.

Like every year ender, I feel Oh Gosh how quickly the time has passed. And soon it will be another new year and ufff.. a grim reminder that I am getting old too. But the truth is I cant feel much of a difference. I always thought time will change things, at least the way I think but my late 30s feel much the same as my 20s. And like the earlier times, I am looking forward to all things sinful - drink, dance and party... Abrupt halt to mission size zero till the effects of the parties wear off.

After that, I am looking forward to my Bangkok holiday shortly with Lozza. We plan to have a blast and celebrate our birthdays together. There's a hint of anxiety, there's a lot of excitement and there are oodles of happiness at the thought. Yes I needed this change too, a change from the sameness that surrounds me. Goodbye 2008, welcome 2009. That should actually be the title of my New Year day post!

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