When I was in university in the early ninetees, red lipsticks were in. It was good old Max Factor and Lakme that most friends relied on. Didn't know or have access to Mac, Lancome, Body Shop or Clinic. I am told today from a friend in Paris that the bloodi red lipsticks are back in trend, something that will carry on to 2009. I feel a little dated now having stuck on to the nude shades of pale pinks and naturals. So, this Christmas and New Year shopping wll include some of the vampire bits in my metal makeup box.

I love colours -- loud and flamboyant. And it is something that I would chose on occasions. So I am happy that I wont be totally out of sync with the times. Of course, it is not something that I carry to work. Loud makeup invites looks and makes you feel like a secretary. The same with perfumes. I hate strong odours during the day although some people make you want to empty your bottles of perfume because they just wont do something about the smells they emanate.

I admire dressy women, and the ones who consistently do it with a dash of attitude. Not the ones who come with a strong dab of foundation on a broad daylight. It makes the artificiality stand out from the rest of the skin. But some are just so unkempt that you want to pick them up and polish like an old brass to give some sheen. Drab dressing needs a dressing down! I don't know that people realise how much this is true but appearance counts a lot in life. It matters. Dressing well and feeling good and confident go hand in hand. It's also always nice to praise or get a compliment! Tomorrow I will glance at a few Elle and Vogue magazines...

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