I always felt a useful connection with my laptop. Today I want to either chuck it or sell it off or take it away from my sight. My laptop has given me more than what I wanted. At one point of time, it was my saviour, today it has far exceeded its utility and eaten into my hours of sanity when I am away from work. I cannot even half help myself from feeling this strong aversion that I have now vowed never to ever own a computer in my life after I sell off this one. So, eventually I want to go back to the pre-civilisation days when man lived with the bare minimal subsistence, and still was happy!

Maybe I am making a much bigger deal of it than I should especially in today's world when people feel handicapped without the laptop or the BlackBerry. Well, it's not. My laptop took away every happiness I found. My dad always said it constantly, my teachers always said it constantly, my friends always said it constantly that one should always tow away the stuff or things that have a negative effect on who you are or your surroundings. And, yes, Ophrah Winfrey said it too.

You can still feel connected to the world without being wired. And then you also have the choice of sorting the many memories you make in your lives when the mind roams free in its vast expanse of time. The tragedy is we lose the time to think in the high road to being tech and net savvy. Man's greatest mistakes comes from giving in to moments of impulse. which is why I am just about beginning to enjoy shaping/reshaping my thoughts in the solitary confines of my mind. Become completely self-centered. It's a better situation to be in than being in a crowded company where you complicate relationships beyond belief.

And I feel a day wiser.

Deep down when I question my basic intelligence, I find my dependence on the laptop was a stupid habbit, looking for mails only to find a chain of forwards and looking up chat lists only to discover what an impersonal world we thrive in.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, i think todays world is the world of computers and more or less everyone depends on it. During the pre-civilised days there was minimal subsistence and the people were still happy but I am sure people are happy with the invent of computers since it also gives us happiness like finding a lost friend which I am sure it would have been imposible during that pre-civilised days or finding best colleges in India or abroad or recipes or holiday places. Simply i would like to come to the conclusion that people have become so dependent on computers that they have become a victim of it.

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