Sleepless is not a condition only when you are in Seattle, someone said. I do agree. In the same vein, there are some things money can't buy. For everything else, there is the internet.

I have the virtual world to thank a lot for my happiness. Whoever said the virtual world is so unreal and a precarious one, I think, has not explored it to the fullest. It's not a magic wand that you have. It's an investment in quality time, when you make the efort to connect despite the crazily busy lives we all lead. And the end result is good.

Years back, when I opened my first hotmail account, my tech savvy friends welcomed me to the cyber world. It was wonderful connecting to someone in one end of the world and within minutes getting a reply, and which is why I still have such a soft corner for the MSN messenger. That is being slowly overshadowed by the wonderful Gmail, of course. But equally good, and loyalties do shift in life as with everything else.

Hopedully, I won't outlive my romance with the internet. And all this while some of my stone age kin wonder what I do with my laptop for hours on end during holidays when I should be doing something else more productive like.... I don't know. The internet is a reality for me and a happy one at that.

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Anonymous said...

ibemma, i can relate your reality thingy cz i do the same when i get the chance so u r not alone,dear! keep blogging!

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