A friend once confided, you can love two people at one time. "How?" I asked. "Maybe you can be attracted to two or three people at one time, but not love," I said. "No, you can," she was convinced. I wasn't. "You are either in love with one or none," I thought. My thought is so cliche.

Almost everyone that I know of have multiple relationships. It's so common that I have no more reactions with the revelations. Except for one friend, who says she knows her priorities and that she loves her husband more than her boyfriend, I am not so sure the others are that honest. I couldn't imagine talking so openly about this earlier, but now it's a given that life is getting crowded for most people. And they seem to manage it pretty well -- along with their careers, kitty parties, shopping and domestic chores and families.

Juggling all these -- office, dinner plans , dates seem such a smooth ride. It's not about manipulation or sleaze, I am given to understand. It's just about varied needs, varied company at different times. I have had conversations with most of them and they all lead such perfectly married lives too. Ask them to pinpoint who their love is, they can't say, but of their spouses, they admit, they are nice persons. So the question of leaving them does not arise. Well, I can only say such multi-tasking calls for great energy.

Love is an endless thing. But love two people at the same time? Also, why in the entire earth would there be just one person called your "one love"? Is there a right person or the perfect relationship? I am still hunting for the conclusion.

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