If you recall that one on ' young friend' and her turbulent relationship with alleged phoney, two-timer (journalism allows you to call a person whatever, but, of course, inserting an 'alleged' to get away with defamation charges:))… I was pretty wrong in my diagnosis of that relationship. Phoney man got back and young friend has sorted problems and resumed friendship. I was so scared she'd turn neurotic basing on how much heartache she suffered then at feeling dumped. It's the best of the world now for young friend.

When most people would say dumbing down of content, ideas, etc., etc., I almost think of 'being dumped'. Silly, but all great men have their moments of immaturity. This dumping business is mired in tears and rants. Years ago, while in college, friend Sambha came to class with swollen eyes --my close brush with 'dump'. Bunking the next class and several others till lunch break, we were sitting huddled in a corner of the canteen discussing Shakeel, the hot Muslim hunk, who dumped Sambha because she refused to agree to the idea of converting to a Muslim. "Look at the classic example of Sharmila Tagore and Pataudi," he'd told her. But Sambha being Sambha preferred 'dump' to being re-christined Fatima. She remained gutted about Shakeel for long, though.

Through adolescent, through college and in my working years, dump has been a common story with women set up by men mainly. Men are pigs,we women opined. So, when girlfriend ABC chose to dump boyfriend CCC to marry her long-time sweetheart, who she had temporarily strayed from, I was mighty pleased. The feminist streak in me makes me clap my hands when I hear stories of women dumping men. For, why should it be a man's prerogative to call it quits in a relationship? Reflects on me being dumped? Yes and No.

While the dump story will continue to haunt men and women till posterity, relationships are unpredictable. If only there was some access to the truth about the human mind. But what does it mean when we say "you have my commitment" and still play foul? My analysis: it's only human to be attracted to so many people at one time and things like drawing the line, well, like any exception to the rule, can be crossed in drunken drivel or a moment's impulse. The greatest battle of all time -- to dump or not to dump!

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