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Sa Re Ga Ma

I am hooked to Zee's Sa Re Ga Ma these days. Melodious singers, very entertaining judges and a very cute host called Aditya Narayan. The theme, the concept and the global participants, especially from Pakistan, add to the spark of the whole programme. I think Sony's Indian Idol and Star Plus's Voice of India pale in comparison. In the latter two programmes, I think the judges are too busy emulating the acerbic Simon Cowell of American Idol, tearing to shreds the participants and it leaves a bad taste. I mean as judges, you have the right to be critial but there has to be a limit. These judges cross the limits with each episode and distract viewer attention. If this was meant to entertain, it doesn't help since the programmes are not about them but the singers who are showcasing their talent.

Oh, but there is a certain Amit Paul from Shillong in Indian Idol. Three reasons why I am rooting for him -- he has the voice, he is cute and he is from my hometown. I didn't know about him until my sister pointed out. But I still do not follow Indian Idol as avidly as Sa Re Ga Ma. I still say the latter is the best singing competition held on any channel so far because they have singers from all genre, each are tied to different gharanas. But it doesn't limit them to their styles, there are different themes -- from quawali to rock -- and the rendition of these very powerful singers is simply awesome. My favourite Junaid from Karachi, was bowed out amid high drama last week, but that still leaves me with two other favourite contestants -- Amanat from Faislabad in Pakistan and Harpreet from Punjab. There is overrated Moily from Houston and I am worried Bappi Lahiri's over patronism would turn in more votes for her.

Much as I make fun of Bollywood movies, my reaction to its songs are contrarion. Many of these songs sung by participants are Bollywood songs and because they are sung by fresh voices, I feel they have a bigger and newer appeal. Like an after thought, they linger in the ears. If I had the power to praise, I would say this programme affects my mood and makes me feel better. If there is one thing I envy about people, it's this ability to sing.

I have to tom tom this. I have good singers in my family too -- my dad is a reasonably good singer. He hums often and when he is in a good mood, his voice becomes louder and resonates with passion. I am reminded of an episode. My mom was a puja addict. I say this because she would spend hours at our make-do temples at home, so much so that she shook the non-believer in my dad. One day as she finished her puja, my dad followed her and after bowing to the Gods he got up, at which she said, "You havent completed." He then sat down and sang. After it was over, he turned and found her standing by the door. She said, "It's not only the one who sings but the one who listens too who is blessed." Songs -- they pervade us, as it did my mom, and does my dad.


Jayant said…
Hey, it's been a long time since I was last here.
I tried following Sa re ga ma initially, but couldn't. But yeah, I do follow Indian idol. Amit paul IS great! Awesome voice and tremendous control over his singing.
Oh, and it's not Paul Simon. It's Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. You mixed up the to names (and even had me confused for a li'l while). :P
Indira said…
oooppss.. that's so typical of me -- getting names wrong all the time. am correcting that right away. i also mentioned junaid is from lahore, he is actually from karachi, the other guy musharraf is from lahore. confused the two.. :))

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