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Modi And I

When the elections began, my Facebook newsfeed was clogged with political reflections, debates and arguments and friends were no longer united in their love for dogs and babies. I even joked about how by the time the grand elections were over I would have lost half my FB friends, especially the ones who professed their love for Narendra Modi day in and day out. I was nauseated by the ‘ Ab ki baar, Modi sarkar ’ poems and all the other Modi jingoism doing the rounds. I preferred ‘ Ab ki baar, Modi salwa r”. I soon realised I belonged to a minority and did not want to be a part of a battle zone where I would have been decimated like the Congress is now.   On May 16, when India was heralding its epochal Friday, mine was coming to its humdrum end save for the exhilarating company of few friends who had come to share a drink. I was sipping my lovely cocktails and someone was strumming the guitar when my phone was interspersed by messages on WhatsApp. I don’t like to be stoned with tec

The Importance of Being AmitabhBachchan

There are probably only a few Indians who are not intimately associated with him. A superstar, a phenomena, Amitabh Bachchan is the stuff legends are made of. A man who has romanced the silver screen for more than four decades beginning with Abhimaan and Zanzeer, the latter earning him the moniker ‘angry young man’, his colossal success has earned him millions of die-hard fans. Little wonder why Melbourne went hysterical when the 71-year old Bollywood actor graced the city by being part of the Indian Film Festival. Trying to steer clear of controversy, Bachchan said, “I am also half Sikh”. He was referring to his mother Teji Bachchan, a Punjabi Sikh from Faisalabad (now in Pakistan).The statement coming against the backdrop of Sikhs, who have not gotten over the outrage of his alleged role in the 1984 Sikh Riots of Delhi, seems to have a message. Bachchan has always denied any allegations. In 2011, he wrote a letter to Akal Takht saying, "I wish to take this opportunity to