And here is where I go a little evil, especially on the weekends. I love a drinking session. Last Saturday was great fun, the wine kept flowing and we ended with tequila shots at 1 am. After that, I got everybody to do yoga. The Mo was doing a headstand in the middle of the room with a full stomach and probably a full bladder. The others followed, fell, stumbled. And there was Violet taking pictures of drunks in headstands. Not a great idea in hindsight! Why do we love playing idiots sometimes?

It was a great party, the kind where everyone is talking and picking on the other, there is no taking things personally, no egos involved and there is no intelligence in the conversations. It’s truly nonsense waking up the brain cells. When we got back home that night, the man said it was a fun night. I think I know why. We were almost serving out the years of childhood before our eyes.

I don’t see why every party has to be discussion on Gonski’s new education reform plans or North Korea going bonkers or who has read what. I think I get bored of people who play beloved advocates of things they believe in and why it should be that way. I get bored with theories and mouthing of issues that people have just filled their tired brains with. There is a time and place for that, the lecture room for instance that I subject myself to every once in a while at the University of Melbourne. Every opening of a barrel of wine should scream fun – get silly and pissed, the dynamic of a party for me. Oh yea, I can see a smirk coming, shallow lives types, party-ing types, hiding pain types. But you know what everybody is a bitch, is kinky, is stupid underneath the intelligence portrayed. So be true to yourself and if you acknowledge all that you are every now and again, you will be a lot happier than when you live your life beyond a false curtain of – need I spell out!

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