I have only bizarre dreams. Strange, odd, scary. Times when I remember them, I narrate it to the man who has the most simplistic of answers based on his analysis of me. “You have a hyper active imagination, write it down they will make a good story”. Some mornings I wake up like a teenager with a giddy head. This morning I woke up feeling divine, I had a wow dream, the same wow feeling I had after coming out of watching The Hobbit on a big 3D screen. I also wanted to own a house as the Hobbit’s, live in his scenic village and eat all his food in his dining room. The Hobbit hangover lasted for a while.

 Last night, I dreamt of Shiva, the God. Does it have to do with my new fascination for singing Om Namah Shivaya? I taught that to my sister last year and in the dream, we were sitting on something like a swinging boat (funny why I felt it was one) up the hill in our Shillong house. Rocking to and fro with our singing we looked up the sky and suddenly there was Shiva – so big, so vivid and resplendent in shades of blue and pink and all the gorgeous bright colours – that he towered over us like Gandalf. And then looking down on us, he showered his blessings, it felt like rain spittering on one side and I was trying to soak in the showers of blessings. I was so happy that I woke up with a smile to go to the toilet and desperately wanted to go back to that dream. Strangely enough, I felt pure bliss. I was plain happy. I am still trying to figure out why I felt such absolute joy in that dream.

I am not a religious person and as I always professed true religion is being a good human but this dream left me thinking. Does it mean I have to worship Shiva for the rest of my life? I am sure I would have been given this answer had I confessed it to my mother or any other elders around me, or even my friend Uma didi. Well she gets my goat these days so that won’t happen and I will be spared the advice of performing a puja based on the dream. 

I told the man. He replied, “That’s a good sign of turning or improvement of happiness with life.”  But friends who know me will say there is an overdose of happiness in my life as I am full of zest, or to put it plainly, have my 32 all out most of the time. Oh no, not the 'I hide my pain behind the smiles' facade. I guess I just focus on too much fun and laughter.

I would like to meet an interpreter of dreams one day and see what he has to decipher of my dreams. I hope he does not tell me of this one that it is the light or the path to becoming a sanyasi, freeing the soul while the body is alive types and becoming a sari-clad mendicant for the rest of my life back in India or in the temples of Australia. That is at once a scary and confounding idea after my Christmas and New Year revelry and all the drinking and eating. But Shiva loved his drinks too. Maybe, we just had a new year's toast together.


Simply Curious said...

Ahem... I dream very rarely and remember even less. About four years back, when I was still in Bombay, I had dreamt up Shah Rukh Khan and he showed me his garden. Needless to say, I was over the moon when I woke up. Now, does that mean I become a SRK mendicant for the rest of my life or do I get to have a date with a married man?
I think your man was right. It was all the happiness and love. Om Namah Shivay.

Indira said...

hmmm the after effects of a good dream. dream on. as for the date with a married man, it is ok if it is SRK :)

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