There was a time when the cacophony of endless laughter shook my quiet neighbourhood, I would think. That is what happens when you have four sisters together in a room, the laughter triggering from anything – the most inane act to silly anecdotes on sharing clothes! When I apologised to my neighbour Lynn about the noises (well I have learnt to say a lot of apologies in Australia. Lynn apologises for her TV  the sound of which I have never heard to date; neighbours apologise if I happen to get startled by the sudden appearance of their dog when I am, in fact, busy walking glued to my cell phone), she quickly replied, “Oh those were happy sounds.” She told me the other day how she loved hearing us laugh. I imagine she would be missing her two sisters a lot. 

I had an enjoyable holiday playing host to my visiting sisters and my adorable nephew the whole month of January. The time flies and it has been already two weeks since they have left. I am struggling to fill the void; I am also struggling to find stories. Not a happy experience, either. Back to reality and the basics.

Why there are no people in Australia, was a constant from my nephew. I had no answer except that small population is manageable and helps keep the environment clean, the people disciplined and so on. The quietness of the suburbs and the streets is a far cry from what he was used to. But by the end of his month-long stay here, he had met so many people and enjoyed so many trips to the zoos, beaches, aquariums, etc that he was unhappy to leave and Laurie uncle became his favourite. I think it had to do with the liberal use of Laurie uncle’s hair gel for which no questions were raised. Meanwhile, my sister thinks raising a ten-year old today is equivalent to a nightmare for they also want all the gadgets that adults have including an iPod. Well not that stylish nephew is very demanding, I am very proud that he has at least got his mother out of her comfort zone. She now says ‘Ok upload photos on Facebook’.

It is so nice to have a family and it is greater joy to have so many sisters. Through the years, we had never spent a holiday this way as such as much as we’d wanted because of lack of time and coordination. I think age has its way of giving us that special time when it is not really the place but the company that matters. This is what I would like to do once in a while. Have sissy moments and shatter the quiet surrounds of a place with our laughter! 


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