A close friend wanted to go to a striptease club this weekend. I love my girlfriend but I declined as I have no fascination for watching almost nude men pole dancing or showing their antics trying to drive up hormones. Imagine the visual. Nothing exciting to watch a few men in their trunks go cheesy. I would rather look at women, and give myself room for scrutiny.

At a restaurant one evening, the man and I were having dinner but we could not help smiling at the continuous laughter from a group of women sitting next to us. Later I told the man, I am hard pressed to find any dull woman. The more outrageous the laughs, the more I find myself loving the cackles.

But I am also at the point where I have come to the conclusion that where there is a group of women there is bound to be coteries, more a Facebook experience of late. Outcome of social routine disappearing! There is so much adulation, agreeing and applauding, which I see as complete fake.  Not trying to say I am none of this but trying to keep true to this admission that yes, women are bitches, and we go through our cycles of bitchiness! I am having one at the moment and I wish Facebook had a bitch fest. 

My best friends of many years have the ability to annoy me as well as make me laugh. We cringe, we laugh, we feel indifferent at times. I feel lucky I have girlfriends for all purposes – shopping, gossiping  and so on. Friendship to me comes in sharing many, little details of life together. I grew up in a family full of women which taught me to understand the psychotic emotions we all have. But with sisters you can spill the ugliest of insults and still be forgiving. That is another level of intimacy. And I am happy I have sisters who do not belong to the world of blogs and facebook, like me!

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deepika sahu said...

Bitch fest on FB.. VERY VERY ORIGINAL idea..... but i m wondering what would be life without girlfrinds????
keep writing

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