I likes. This is a joke Nats and I share and only we understand. It's the sum of happy thoughts and something that has us in splits because it comes from something funny, too personal to air! So we likes. And the reason why I likes today is because Lolo is home sipping coffee, reading the papers and doing the normal stuff. His mere presence makes me happy.

After saying hello to death from a near distance, we both feel this is a now a new life for us. And it is just the beginning of Spring, so significant like we are starting afresh, almost. Everything looks beautiful too. The days are pleasant, the flowers are beginning to bloom and I am weeding the garden too. I am learning to appreciate this gift of life even more.

And if there is one thing that kept me going, it is the amount of love and good wishes from friends, (the family you take for granted :)) who emailed me regularly, called me, visited me and were there by my side. Thank you is a small word for it all. But I will treasure these emotions with me always. Now that my phone calls have started to wane, Lolo says "no one loves Miss Indi today". It is a joke between us that whoever gets a call or a message is loved! I have got my laughter back. Thank you God.

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Anonymous said...

well. we all likes very much too. :-)

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