You think of the word anaemia and you think of somebody who is underfed. You are told about aplastic anaemia and you think of someone who is doubly underfed. Of course, they mean none of these.They all have to do with the level of blood in your body and how much the bone marrow is producing all the important components of blood. The marrow needs to start producing the components for the body to get back to normal. The only problem is that the marrow is one hell of a stubborn creature. It takes its own time to kickstart its normal functions.

Bit of a waiting game for us. I feel helpless and there is nothing I can do from my side to ease the pain. But in all this I keeping a positive frame of mind, which is so important for the two of us, the two of us who are so united in our pain, our happiness and everything that life has to offer.

The road to recovery is fraught with so many small battles. It seems you are surrounded by tiny enemies all around who wait to strike when all is calm. And when one is overcome, another one springs up from behind and take you by surprise. It's like a game of hopscotch that we played as kids on a bare patch of ground. You hop between squares to reach your destination.  You know you can reach your goal but standing on one foot can throw you off balance. But in all cases, you do win and you do find  your steps home.

It's easy to say "hang in there" to the one who is fighting the battle, easy to mouth so many words of comfort to the one who is almost worn out, but love and support are great things. If you have those, it is so much easier to cope with life's struggles. Lolo has me and I have him, and we are each other's greatest strength in these times of hardships.

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