Once upon a time, I was fighting the bulge. I find myself in a similar spot, not so desperately. But like all women, I love to talk about weights. Australia's good food sees women fluctuating between size 4 and size 16. They talk about it on TV whole day - women who cry because they are 300 pounds and yet wont stop drinking ten bottles of Coke a day. Coke is an addiction in this country. Better to be addicted to pan, at least you dont become fat!

As if carrying the weight of the world/family is not enough, we also carry the weight of our own bodies. We go non-stop sometimes to the point of annoying the partner, who says' Oh just stop eating too much', and when we are pointed about how much we lack control, we go, 'how dare you comment on my food intake'. Then they just stop saying anything and you are on a downward spiral!

I have a lot of wisdom on food. Include more fibres in food, eat in small portions, walk for at least 20 mins everyday, drink enough liquid, etc., etc.. But practice as they say is harder than preaching.

I sometimes wonder how people turn anorexic. They say an anorexic has a great control of mind. I realise I have to get that control before I become one of the many cry babies on TV.

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