So after 10-day stint at the call centre, I bade my friends an honourable goodbye. I learnt quite a bit but did not enjoy what I was doing. In those ten days, I also realised I would enjoy more being a newspaper delivery girl. At least I would be scanning the headlines before I push the papers through the door.

I am back to the absolute bliss and boredom of doing nothing except read, surf the net, visit and entertain people. I have guests tonight and my culinary skills have never been more appreciated in a decade. In a few days' time I will be on a road trip to Sydney and meeting friends. Ah... 

In the meantime, I have also decided to merge my blogs into one and scrap the new one. Doing nothing also makes you monstrously lazy. The enthusiasm of becoming a desi chick in Melbourne has waned. Besides, I could not bear to see the slow death of my old blog, one I started with some feeling and passion. Oh, but this one will have all my stories in between. From an open book to an open facebook, my life has become an open blog. I am loving it.

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