I am beginning to feel a bit settled. Made tons of friends, getting calls for jobs, know my way about - hop in an out of buses, trams, trains. I was struggling with the sense of belonging to a place where you hardly saw people outside their beautiful houses and well-manicured lawns, where everything seems so different.

My exciting moments are when I meet people like me struggling to establish an affinity with a new place. We find pleasures in discussing our "missing phase" and reminisce most about foods missed. "The next time I visit India I will eat gol cuppas for one whole week." Or, "I will eat Chinese Indian food to death."

I had a tiff with the master over dinner. I wanted egg curry, he wanted chicken. And like everything else, I linked my arguments to my re-settlement theory. "Don't you realise I am having an urge for my own food?" And he replied, "I wanted us to eat together." But since he does not like egg curry, we could not eat together. But then, it is not fair to think about me alone all the time and I must care about someone else's palatte too. This is my new life. Say hello to chicken snitzels, canolleni, pasty...

Sometimes, my mind takes off on a tangent. Where am I? What am I doing? Will I ever get a job of my choice again? It's like I am losing control of my life.I grew up with just an idea of me and my life and somewhere in those dreams I lost building space for the 'us'.Then I look to Lolo and I find most of the answers. "Take life as it comes, dont worry, enjoy your free time," he gently whispers. He is part of my new me.

Other days, I am full of zest, his humor nurtures me. Like yesterday, when I had a bad eyebrow day. Waxing off a chunk of my brows, I panicked and called him, "Should I go to the salon?" He replied, "Nothing much they can do, can't paste it back. Well.. something for me to look forward to when I get back in the evening."

I looked at the mirror. I had one of the heartiest laughs of my life.

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