For 39 years of my life, save once in 2000, I have spent every New Year's eve and New Year draped in not necessarly trendy but all the warm clothings of the world, celebrating two things - the start of a new year and my birthday. Warm wishes that coldly remind me of numbers I would rather chose to overlook.

This year I turned 40. Life begins. And so I arrived at Melbourne's Tullamarie airport just around Christmas and heralded 2010 with beer glasses under the hot Australian sun. A change of place, a change of scene, a change of life in many, small, different ways.

I am right now basking under the Australian summer. The weather is pleasant most days, some days it is hot and arid - am I familair with that. But once the evening sets in, the temperature cools down and there is the pleasant feel to the air. I find the weather awesome. It's a different summer, a unique summer for someone who has only known hot days only in the middle of a year, not at the end of a year. Down under, it is.

Melbourne is beautiful. The roads so clean, the trees so green, the flowers so many, the sky so blue that on a clear blue day as you walk around the suburbs , the soul of the place touches you. You feel the soft breeze, you hear the birds twitter... In a whiff of time, I am almost re-living my childhood days spent in Shillong in remote north eastern India, where the cottages, pine trees, roses and bougain villas dot the houses and landscape. I am left with a touch of peace.

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ahoi said...

Wow....i love the way u write..never got a chance to glance at you work. Keep it up and keep posting..


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