It’s 4:32 am. And it’s pouring cats and dogs outside. My colleague, who has just left office, called to say I should take the office car home and not drive by myself as the roads are clogged with water. Thoughtful of her. But right now I think I want to commit murder most foul. My sister called. She said Dylan has bitten into my laptop screen and made a hole. I want to kill them both.

I asked a colleague if a laptop screen can be fixed. But instead he answered, "Oh he could have been killed you know because of the liquid crystal display (LCD)." Right, do I care just now? I admit I hate such answers at times. I wanted to know how much the bloodi thing would cost to repair. The laptop is such a lifeline for me after the mobile phone. I don't know what I will do to the two of them when I reach home.

Nowadays, most Wednesday nights I have become an owl. With a new boss at the helm, each and every story is written, re-written and re-written till it achieves a level of perfection and scores high on the readability index. Part of the global effect, like global warning. If a top class business magazine like BusinessWeek is written keeping in mind the 10th grader and one's mother-in-law, we can't make allowances for imperfections, can we? So at 4 am in the morning, when your eyes are drooping with yen for sleep, you have to come out with the best headline/kicker/strapline et al, the industry has ever seen... If this continues, I know for sure I will soon have a disappearing hairline. Who will marry me then?

My friend Natasha already calls me a sore loser for not being adventurous enough. With this, she is bound to call me all sorts of names. Madam was all over the TV channels the past few weeks covering the case of Haneef from Australia. Aak Tak, CBN-IBN were all quoting her and her voice was being played and replayed by these channels. Being a PTI stringer in Melbourne, she is supposed to be the know-it all. The narcissist that she is, she called me up to ask me if she was sounding sexy enough. Incorrigible.

I have put up a photo of Gappu. They call him Nepali too at home. Gappu is the son of my friend since 13, Bubbles. He turned one a few weeks back and his 'good name' Krish has been christened by me. I get lots of his photos on my gmail every week. You know stay-at-home moms and their fascination for the 'first ever things' of their offspring. So, I get the "gappu did this today, that yesterday" report everyday. I'm good with this part too -- exchanging notes. I don't get bored because I love kids. This photo I think is too adorable for words. I put it up so I can see him everyday.

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Anonymous said...

oh god u had a really bad wednesday...... i cant believe Dylan actually made a hole in teh screen.. sounds like a freak incident that happens only to others!!!! and i really think a solution needs to be found on these 'jagarans'. it is extremely unhealthy.

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