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There are phases and there are faces. And sometimes both suck! I am experiencing an unusual bout(s) of displeasure these days. I get sick, I get irritated and I want to kick asses. So much that I have been snapping at everyone possible. My close friends have a sneaking suspicion that my hormones are probably getting a ‘little imbalanced’ after the surgery. Not enough, I am on a war path with the loonies in my team. Well, they are the ones who face the brunt of my insanity. And while I am trying to quell the ire inside me, their cacophony begins to irritate even further! And boom there goes one. After more than a year of working at the desk, my first , first taste of displeasure. Two self-styled leaders just a got a taste of it. Never ever before has this happened. Perhaps, it tells about the quality of people I am surrounded with. And my own degeneration…

And if this ever happened when I was a kid, my mom would have had me apologise even if I was the wronged one. That is good culture, she would have said. But I am in no mood of reconciliation. The nostalgia of the good old team seeps in even more. The place is losing its unique culture, the bonhomie, the healthy competition and the fun. Sigh!

They say all great men have their moments of immaturity. I like this one. Not that I am even remotely connected to greatness. And sometimes a little bit of immaturity in a competent man is admirable. OK trying to redeem my fallen grace before my eyes only! While on this negative trip, let me delve into my other vice – impulsiveness. More often than not, I give in to a moment’s impulse. And the regrets that follow is something unfathomable!

I am trying to learn the ways of these 19 and 20 somethings men and women of the world, their worldly traits, political correctness, their ambition, perception management, maturity and artfulness. I am trying to learn and unlearn from them.


Kunal Talgeri said…
Here are some pet cures for Indira from the friend who shares his birthday with you:

1. Listen to the theme of 'The Last of The Mohicans'.

2. Try and get Pro and a bunch of other people to watch 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly' with you.

3. Meet Natasha online.

4. Meet Shaker-maker online.

5. Go and joke arounnd with Anthony, the illustrator.

6. Talk to Latha about Joseph Conrad (since you love his writing and Latha would, too. And who better to speak of the man than Latha?)

7. Of course, there's Dylan to stand by everytime :)

C'mon. Indira. Cheer up, won't chya?
Anonymous said…
hamara chaheti indirabehen,
ekalavyabhai ne lakh patey ki baat kahin hain. aapke liye itna krodh accha nahin hain. krupya isey thook dijiye. shaant ho jayiye. jara muskuraiyen.
warna chat par aayiye. wahi par hum ittenam se aapka mood-shood sab theek-thaak kar denge.
Shanti Thokchom said…
Oh,Indira Ibemma,
Nangi Saoningba pumnamak thadokpana pharani natrabadi chak thok tuna loiganiko!!Sanatombi!! Take a walk with your other half Dylan & bark together in the open space!!And maybe come back another being!!Or better still, morok asabadagi asaba chasillaga henna lao khongu gera?!!Eisu yaoba lakke!!yamna nungsibi marup Indira, kong kua do kharaga henna chao so that all that asaoba can be CHABAO-ED AWAY!! Yahi hai Zindagi!!Bolo tara..ra ra..!!

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