I think FTV, the fashion TV channel is bizarre. Not because they have models showing off their bare essentials most of the time, but because they seem to be only spending loads and loads of money and time just focussing on swimwear and bikinis. At least that's what I get to see everytime I turn that channel on. If they are targetting clientele by these lengthy shows, I am sure there's only a miniscule group. The average viewer, like myself, are looking for affordable street fashion to emulate. But, then, most of these pret-a-porter shows are so similar, so full of bizzare ideas that it makes me want to eat my own head just thinking who the hell are buying these dresses? And of course, there is the sympathy for these bony women (they would give any Somalian a complex) baring the heat, cold and humidity of locales, flashing artificial, lewd smiles till the cameramen and make-up artistes chasing them get their perfect angles. And yet, they are women every other woman envy!

Take American business tycoon Donald Trump. I saw him in the history channel yesterday marrying for the third time a young Slovenian model named Melania Knauss. The power of being a stick and a beauty! And he gave her a $1.5 million engagement ring. I am all envy now although I would have chosen to buy a cheaper ring and stash the rest of the money to my account.

Coming to trends, I love following fashion. I might not be adventurous with clothes but it feels good to be with the times. On my few occasional trips abroad, I have often come back home inspired. For instance, opening my window from the County Hall apartments in London, I saw women with full make up and all dressed for work come rain, hale or storm. Similar is the scene in Paris or Brussels I am told. Working and living in India is a different experience altogether. My workplace for one is filled with women bereft of any make-up and so if I happen to wear a lipstick a shade darker than the nude look, I automatically invite comments like "oh ho what's the occasion? "and so on. There is so much of a cultural dichotomy. While in the west, it is perfectly normal, it is not so over here, at least my experiences tell me.

I don't think wearing make up stems from that genetic urge to look fake, as have argued people. Nor does 'dolling up' mean wanting to become a sex object. I think every woman should feel good about themselves and take time to look and feel good. It's not degrading or sexist to do one's eyebrows or wax the arms. I have a colleague who 'proudly' tells me "can you see my upper lips? I haven't done my threading in ages because I want to minimise my trips to the beauty parlour." The same person also once told me she had a problem with my Estee Lauder and that she was allergic to scents. And I have a problem with ugly faces I wanted to tell her, but for my politeness.

Here are my conclusions. Wearing make up should not be a syndrome that you have to do it everyday. But looking and feeling good does a lot to self esteem. My make up regime takes all of five minutes, a bit of powder, muscara, kaajal and lipstick. No foundation except to parties. For every day routine, I don't like to layer it on. And it's nicer to have a good haircut and keep it clean. As for grandma who never wore a scrap of make up and told me that men like natural looks and that beauty is skin deep -- it's all a little too overstated. Some great leader said power comes at the point of a rifle, I say make-up does. Believe me!


Anonymous said...

I'm leaving a nice comment... just like you asked. :D

Hope you're having fun in your corner of the room!

Shanti Thokchom said...

Well, well, you are beautiful as you are -with or without makeup!Your ESTEE LAUDER brings out the extra shine in you!!
There is nothing wrong with your looking for affordable street fashion.After all you work for a publishing firm!!And you have every right to look for those clothes cos you know you look good in them!! Just trying to cheer you up on a beautiful April day!!

Shanti Thokchom said...

Saalam Namaste behenji,
Sab ki tarf se achha comment de rahi hung!! Ab Khus ya nahi?

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