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My sister and her best friend want a change in their career. And they are seriously working their way towards one. While my sister works for a BPO outfit, her friend is an IAS officer. Both are doing well in their respective fields but they are both desperate to switch jobs, and go abroad. So on Sunday we had a detailed discussion on this sudden desperation of theirs to look for alternative careers. According to them, the world is already in the grip of global warming and that is going to cause catastrophy in the next 20 years... obviously they don't want to rot in India for the next so many years of their lives. Hmmm...

I am not very tuned to the whole science of global warming, but I do know for a fact that the world is heating up, so much so that cold places like Shillong, where one never knew the existence of fans, and where summers always meant NOT towing one's woollies away, is now facing the opposite. People are buying fans and the shades of the pine trees no longer offer a cool respite. But global warming aside, and the India growth story notwithstanding, I think the lure of working and living abroad at any stage is a steadfast desire in most of us. Leaving the country and settling abroad is such a powerful draw that I have seen more than 50 per cent of friends hitting the trail westwards.

We want to cut and run rather than stay where we could have made a difference. But is it possible? We live in a country where people cram and stumble upon each other in the buses, trains, the marketplace, everywhere; where caste and tradition precede merit; where women still don't have the right to choose their own spouses; where the graph just draws higher and higher for those wanting a decent job and a life.

A disgruntled lot -- that is the angst of being an Indian! Debatable, after all even those living abroad are not happier or are the happiest. But looking around and inside me, the number of things I get worked up about in a day tilts my balance and the Indian(ness) in me towards anger and sometimes, frustration. Which is why I am all in support of my sister and her friend in their new endeavour. And some things will not change with time such as the paradox of life: you love and you hate!


surjit said…
Now my question here is does global warming exists or is it jus an environmental term to define a constitution of human nutate to volume the structure of science and researches or rehersals. Green-House effect refers to the process by which trace gases such as CO2 trap refelcted long-wave solar radiation and warm the atmosphere. this was identified by 'more' some century back, but there is no question about its existance-without it. Read a book by Rudiger Dornbusch & James M. Poterba called "global warming: Economic Policy responses" you will come to know, why global warming is so used commmercially.
Futhermore, India's economy and population is so extreme and complex that it has to be calculated by the government each stipulated period of time to fulfill basic necessities of an individual, as well as track the financial revenue internatioanlly and hold the face value of rupess and frame the ecocomical growth internatioanlly for more revenues, dont forget we are in the international news everyday. India has so to face so many questions which she herself cannot answer because of the population she has to feed in her womb. Thirdly, life in India cannot be compared with life in new york or vice versa. Overseas legislature and constitution is different, and there are more racial discrimination compared to India. And during this term you loose many grains and colours of your culture. You may be paid high abroad, but if u dont count the face value of money, the expenditure still remains the same. Otherwise you are not staying comfortably, you are compramizing. I am sure whoever is staying abroad will always want to return home, if he doesn’t want to, then he is lying or maybe his children bind them to stay back, because they are then brought up in that culture, and you have lost your roots too.
Moreover the structure of job abroad has been structured as per their economy. Even then if people think you can do better abroad, best of luck. Kisi ne kaha hai ‘paisa khudda nahi, magar khudda se kam nahi’.. magar mai kehta ho..’hindusthan mera jana bhumi hai..mera karam bhumi hai..aur maran bhoomi bhi..mai jaha bhi ho..wahi ho..jas wahi ho..khudahafiz..’

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