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Karan Johar, the unsuitable boy?

When you attend a film festival as a media person, the one question that you are always asked is, ‘Do you get to meet the stars?’ Well, yes but not really up, close and personal. However Karan Johar, a man who dons the hat of a producer, director and talk show host, is someone who has never shied away from the media or the paparazzi and attending his masterclass at IFFM was akin to reading his book. Incidentally his memoir The Unsuitable Boy was released this January. Johar is actually the likeable genius who has created his own cinematic style, though his ingenuity gets often smothered by all the controversies he creates. And he is still killing the infamous nepotism word although in Melbourne, all he said was he now suffers from nepo-plasm, fear for the word nepotism. But much as he “unabashedly” and “unapologetically” loves gossip, so does the public who turned up in full strength to hear the great talker talk. The one-hour session with Johar was delightful as he went on

My neighbour Jerry

Two years ago, an old weatherboard house just behind ours got pulled down and in its place came up a big brand new modern sprawling house. It’s a familiar sight in Melbourne suburbs these days. The new occupants were a young couple with two toddlers moved in. I always wondered who these new occupants were but within time we got to know one another. They were a young family of Asian background. Jerry and John, young professionals, brought the property and built the house sealing it with the hope and aspirations common to young parents – of dreams unlimited and a life that would be fulfilling. Both Jerry and John were very attentive to their garden and they took pains to manicure it despite having two demanding children and jobs. I often met Jerry outside and our conversations, among other things, always veered towards mint and other herbs that we tried growing in our respective veggie patches. You see, Asians love their greens. Over our small talks, I also came to know she worke