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Nagaland, don't fail your women

I haven’t been here in a while. I have been happily abandoning this space, somehow unable to bring out the verve with which stories are told.  Last year has flown by and the new year is also moving ahead in a pace you cannot keep up with at times. After a long holiday, it has been difficult to get out of this stubborn ennui. As I opened my mails yesterday, a friend sent me a link to sign a petition. I have not done this in a while. Perhaps it reflects a staid and selfish life where the woes of the world did not affect me. Somehow this one has pricked my consciousness. So I want to write something, even if it makes no sense. For the years that I have lived in  Australia now, I have been wearing my north eastern Indian identity on my sleeve, singing praises of the region I come from. In fact, I have passed on a certain Stockholm Syndrome to the man who also now believes that north east India is indeed the best part of India. But honestly, be it the food, the many cultures or