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Missing Mihir

In the afternoon of March 5, 2001, a tiny slip of a baby came into this world. We were ecstatic. It was a boy. No, there was no gender preference but growing up with three sisters and just one brother the idea of another male entity in the family circle was a cause for double celebration. And that is how my nephew Mihir Laishram came into our lives - as our first bundle of joy. He grew up a very normal child. But as the only son to his parents and as our only nephew, Mihir was the centre of our universe. We doted on him; we wanted to be a part of his journey in life, at every step. Indeed we watched him grow from a toothless baby to a prankster to someone who liked his studies and enjoyed his sports. I recall the annual school sports of St Anthony’s School of which he was a student in Shillong, the beautiful town of north east India. I had gone to watch him race the 100 metres and my eyes welled up in tears as his name was announced: “Mihir Laishram from Class VI B”. But no s