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A Pride Of Shillong

There is something very heart-warming about meeting someone from Shillong outside of Shillong. To reminisce together about Fire Brigade or Laban is such a sweet walk down memory lane. Which is why when I met Dr Ratna Ghosh at the University of Melbourne, I was elated for more than one reason. Besides belonging to the same hometown, I was strangely proud of her as I would of a kin. For here was an academic par excellence and one who can truly be called Shillong’s gift to the world of education. Time magazine once described her as “the most passionate and influential architect of an inclusive yet workable conception of multicultural education” in Canada where she is now based. Educated at Loreto School in the 1950s, Ghosh is essentially a Shillongite. Four generations of her family are settled here. After a year at St Mary’s College, she got a scholarship to study in Kolkata and completed her Bachelor of Arts in English with distinction from the University of Calcutta. Eventually G