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Sun, phirang, tan

Oh lord, I don’t despise the sun but it has been getting so hot these past few days that I feel my brain is somewhere and my body elsewhere. The Australian sun really burns the skin and at times like these I wish I had a carton of Fair & Lovely. Some people are literally comfortable in their skin but I am an Indian at heart when it comes to colour. I love white. But that of course does not really justify or fully explain why I married a phirang. Two years ago, when we were in Bali on a yoga retreat, I was part of an all-white group of 16 yogis for whom the sun and tan were part of the lovely experience. I loved the retreat and the yogis, we formed a bond but every time we went for outdoor activities I chose to be a bit different from the rest covering myself with a sarong head to toe. When they asked me why I did that, I replied, “I don’t want to go browner”.  I would get compliments such as, “Oh you have such a lovely skin,” something I get quite often from the man but shamef

Love, love, love

I know Valentine’s Day is over and this post about love might seem a bit passé but I think there is never a wrong time to talk about love because it is always in the air! I get to see that all the time – in the parks, malls, streets, or beaches where couples are lip locked and coddled or cosseted. For an Indian coming to live in a western world and not used to such public displays of affection, my puritan sensibility did get a jolt initially. Soon I also realised I was transferred to a culture where it is really rude to stare. Controlling my roving eyes was one of the first steps to assimilation! I was so used to staring and being stared at when I was living in Delhi - not that I am someone endowed with drop dead gorgeous looks, but yes it is not uncommon to get an eyeful or give one till our heads have done the full rotation and revolution. So perhaps I get a glimpse of a Valentine’s Day moment more often than you, and in the process develop some Valentine envy too? Which brings me