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One Hell Of A Smog

When I watched the Blair Witch Project, I was sitting on the edge of my bed with the cell phone on one hand, matchticks and candles and my eveready hammer which I use mainly for killing centipedes that crawl up the backyard. The hammer is like my safety tool, which some day, says my sister, will go on my head instead, should a thief break into the house. It's a scarier thought than the ghost movies I revel in! And I experienced a Blair Witch kind of situation last Saturday nite. My hammer was not with me but I got saved in the nick of time and for me, I think I got my second life that night. Here is the spooky tale. I was invited for dinner at a friend's place in Gurgaon, the big hell hole as I call it - full of illiterate Jats with bug bucks and big cars but nothing in the head, lots of potholes and messy traffic. After a nice cosy evening of chit chats and a fish-ful of sumptuous dinner, I took leave. Just when I crossed the apartments, I realised that smog, unusual in Nov