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Faded photos, a blast in Kabul .....

By Deepika Sahu I was in high school (in small town Orissa) when Aseema, my eldest sister went to Hyderabad to do her masters in political science. The admissions to JNU was restricted that year due to some student unrest. So she went to Central University, Hyderabad to do her masters. It was a new university... Theirs was the second batch of students. So if it was a new beginning for my sister's batch, it was also a new beginning for the university trying to find a foothold in the high brow world of academics. In many ways, my sister's going to Hyderabad opened new windows for me. Through her, I experienced a whole new world---- different from the soporific world in which I was growing up. Their campus in the city was called Golden Threshold --- which was named after a poem by Sarojini Naidu, India's nightingale. So, suddenly GT in Nampally Station Road became a reference point in conversations with my sister. We used to always eagerly wait for her semester break in bo