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The Other Side

I've been wanting to do this in a long time -- sit with my friend Nats and talk and talk endlessly, the kind that eases out. Laugh too because one of the things that we enjoy doing is laugh together. But, invariably, we end up talking about the night of 16th November 2005. I am filled with the urge to pen it all down. So as she lays on the bed and recounts her memory of that night, I tell her I am posting it on my blog. She is yelling at me to read out the lines (lest I misinform :)). Wait till the morning, I tell her. "It was like a cement mixer. The car rolled and rolled with that crushing sound of glasses. I felt something roll over my waist and severing that part from the rest of my body," she begins. Blood was gushing out from her head. A speeding vehicle hit her car, it turned turtle. Just a minute before, she was almost asleep and lying at the back of the car holding little Avi. And an hour before, we had just had dinner together celebrating her homecoming from do