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The paradox of age

It is my first day of class for the year. The subject I am attending is Ageing and Society, and resonates well with me. I look around. Except for my teacher and I, the class is full of golden youth, 20 years olds who are submerged in more deeper sensitives of life. Or so it seems. Take Paul, all of 22, as he introduces himself to me. Juggling full time classes and part time work, he comes to class with the most serious demeanour. You would be inclined to think he carries the weight of the world upon his shoulders. Paul is invariably never late. When I enter the class, he has already occupied the left hand side of the round table we share for this three-day intensive seminar on old age. My immediate reality and what I am about to study is a paradox in itself as the dichotomies of age stare at me.

You turned 16

The bittersweet aspect of Facebook when it reminds you of the birthday of your loved one who is no more. Not that I needed a Facebook reminder. Mihir you turned 16 on March 5, it would have been such a milestone and a year of celebration had you been around. Hard to imagine you are no longer with us physically. It is so hard at times and so difficult to come to terms with - this existential authenticity of you not being there, you that I want to hug and kiss and care. You were and our are precious boy loved beyond definition. Often I look at your pictures but the more I stare at them the more I go beyond the realm of understanding. How could it happen? How did you leave us? Why you? There is not even a drop of hope that I could see you again. And that becomes a fog in my life, a fog of sadness that lingers in my heart and refuses to clear away.