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Hello 2014

My first piece of the year. I feel like a stranger returning to this space after a few months. Having been wrapped in the firmament of a long holiday spent among family and close friends, the words don’t come easy. Holidays can easily knock off your drive to do anything productive! But hey I am making some changes in my routine today. That’s a good post New Year resolution to begin with, I think. As I was wrapping up my annual India holidays, everyone remarked how lucky I was to go back to a beautiful country which I now call home. I don’t disagree. Our plane touched down Melbourne airport in the morning. The air was as clean as we had left. As if I needed any more assurance but a chance reading of Australia having the third cleanest air in the world upped my mood! The friendly taxi driver gave us a low down about the weather and how a heat wave had gripped the state. I begin to think here is the metaphor of my life played out, I just left winters in India to embrace the summers